APAS Online Training Subscription

APAS is one of the only assessment systems available that helps afterschool programs link quality and youth outcomes together in a comprehensive, flexible and integrated fashion. APAS includes three measurement tools: 1) The Survey of Academic and Youth Outcomes (SAYO) S and T, completed by staff and teachers, 2) The Survey of Academic and Youth Outcomes (SAYO) Y, completed by youth, 3) The Assessment of Program Practices Tool (APT). Purchase 1-year of access to the online training for all tools. Tools are provided for no additional cost upon success completion of the training. For multiple sites, please enter site name, contact name and email under "multiple site information". Please contact NIOST for pricing if you have more than 5 sites.
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SAYO-Y Overview

The Survey of Academic and Youth Outcomes Youth Survey (SAYO Y) is designed to complement the SAYO S and T and the APT, or to be used on its own. SAYO Y is to be completed by youth online. Research suggests that certain youth experiences and outcomes are critical to youth's future success. In line with this research, the SAYO Y is comprised of three surveys; youth's experiences in the afterschool program; youth's sense of competence; and youth's future planning and expectations. This product provides an introduction to the SAYO-Y tool.